Project Description

The Savoy Hotel

The Savoy Bar

 Positioned at the front of the building with floor-to-ceiling windows, the bar was closed off from view with outdated window dressings. We decided to expose it completely, creating lively interaction with activity on the main thoroughfare it faced. We enhanced this openness with a sense of opulence, running seating along the walls in luxe forest green button-back velvet.

 We added pronounced moulding to the walls, painted a matte pastel green to harmonise the palette. For colour contrast and visual interest, paprika velvet chairs with slim black framework were teamed with “Sea Wave” marble tabletops.

 The rear of the bar was formerly closed off and never had a sense of purpose, so we gave it one: a type of “snug” to be used for entertaining larger parties. Reimagined for desirability and a sense of destination, we added a reeded glass window leading from the courtyard, organic-form pink banquet seating lining the perimeter and whimsical lobster and clam shell wall coverings. 


The Lobby

 Once filled with a reception desk that took up nearly all of the floor space, we reimagined how a hotel lobby could be used. Rather than a quick exchange, why not create an experience? We created an inviting lobby with oversized wall coverings that enhanced the scale of the space, and dark toned joinery to complement the Spanish marble flooring.

Client: The Savoy Hotel
Photographer: Leon Murphy