Project Description

Sister Social

Sister Social embarked on a full interior renovation to elevate its dining and socialising experience. The redesign aimed to create a harmonious blend of elegance and whimsy, showcasing a unique fusion of plush comfort and bold artistic elements. The project encompassed the remodelling of existing areas, featuring plush burgundy velvet seating adorned with striking Colefax & Fowler animal prints.

A captivating seating area was introduced with playful and eclectic seating options, such as mismatched chairs in vibrant colours and patterns and a hanging garden installation

The opposite end of the restaurant featured a curated gallery wall showcasing exceptional artwork. Proper lighting to accentuate the artwork and create a captivating atmosphere.

The bar is framed in a custom pencil pleated pelmet with luxury trimmings – accentuating  the bar and creating a whimsical feel

Guests are immersed in a visual and sensory experience, surrounded by plush seating, bold animal prints, whimsical design elements. This interior renovation transformed The Sister Social into a destination that not only delights the palate but also indulges the senses.

Photographer: Leon Murphy