Project Description

The Library @The Savoy Hotel

Based in the heart of Limerick, The Savoy Hotel is a five-star establishment located in the former Savoy Theatre, the city’s main cinema for decades.
Playing on a deconstructed idea of 1920s Art Deco, inspiration from this era’s shapes and bold contrast informed furniture choices, fabric patterning, wall finishes and a striking complementary colour palette.
Floor-to-ceiling mottled and reeded glass encased in an era-appropriate pattern adds fantasy, with pink glass tabletops to add reflection back onto the chalky blue ceiling and walls.

Running the length of the lounge, we added arched moulding to the walls lit to create a three-dimensional illusion. The large existing pillars were cladded with semi-circle details and painted in a soft pastel pink, elongating the room and transforming an obstruction into a textural artistic statement.

Client: The Savoy Hotel, Limerick
Photographer: Leon Murphy