Project Description

The George Hotel

Located in the heart of the city centre, the George Hotel has an excellent location, though the rooms needed a full update in design. Working with the existing space and budget constraints meant clever consideration of both its current state and the building’s robust 150-year history of debutants, dinner dances and legendary disco parties. 

The George has always reflected where society gathered and culture was created. Continuing this tradition, yet modernised for today, we aimed to create a chic, eclectic scheme to each room and a pared back industrial look to the hotel’s restaurant.

We honoured the building’s original features by embracing the signature symmetry that marks classic Georgian architecture, updated through gracious proportions without any of the elements that feel heavy or outdated. The result is a light yet stately retrofit of each of the 42 rooms that maximises the small space for a luxurious boutique stay.

Playful serenity became our guiding principle as we found minimalist ways to create strong aesthetic impact. Softly textured pillows and upholstered headboards designed with suede detailing, set upon bold aqua marine tongue and groove detailing created a strong focal point for the room. Balanced yet distinctly different art pieces were paired together to create a sense of lightheartedness. Furniture that nodded to the client’s Mid-century concept direction was kept elevated and transparent to allow light to travel around the space–hence avoiding any cluttered confines or stodgy seriousness.

Formerly a legendary nightclub, the Vincenzo Grill House compelled a contemporary translation of the joie de vivre that put this space on the map, while still feeling in line with the direction of the overall update.

Client: The George Hotel
Photographer: Leon Murphy